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Jan 22, 2018 : Boil Water Notice Lifted for the Beech Mountain Water System
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Special Alert

Boil Water Notice Lifted for the Beech Mountain Water System

Jan 22, 2018


Aqua Pennsylvania Beech Mountain (PWSID# PA2400114) 




The Boil Water Notice issued for select customers on Saturday, January 13, 2018 and the entire community on Tuesday, January 16, 2018 has been lifted effective today, Sunday, January 21, 2018, for the Beech Mountain Water System. 

What happened? What is being done?  When will the problem be corrected?

Water service was disrupted due to several leaks caused by the extreme weather over the past several days. In an effort to rapidly refill the system before the next extended subfreezing weather period, Aqua used emergency pumps and pipes to fill the system’s storage tank.  These emergency facilities had been sanitized but the required bacteriological test results were not available before putting the emergency facilities into use. Two sets of samples were collected from the distribution system on Friday, January 19 and Saturday, January 20 and tested for total coliform bacteria. Results from both sets of samples were absent of total coliform bacteria on Sunday, January 21, 2018.

It is no longer necessary to use boiled water or bottled water for drinking, making ice, brushing teeth, washing dishes and food preparation.

Aqua is committed to providing quality water and service to its customers. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. Although this matter has been resolved, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact Aqua’s Customer Service at 877.987.2782.

Please share this information with all the other people who drink this water, especially those who may not have received this notice directly (for example, people in apartments, nursing homes, schools, and businesses). You can do this by posting this notice in a public place or distributing copies by hand or mail.

For more information, please contact:

Responsible Person

Dave Hoogstad, Field Supervisor

System Name

Beech Mountain

System PWSID# 


Address (Street)

1 Aqua Way, White Haven, PA 18661

Phone Number


Date Notice Distributed: January 21, 2018 

Date Notice Lifted: January 21, 2018

Jan 19, 2018 : Boil Water Advisory for Beech Mountain Customers Added to Voluntary Conservation Request
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Special Alert

Boil Water Advisory for Beech Mountain Customers Added to Voluntary Conservation Request

Jan 19, 2018

As of Jan. 19, the boil water advisory for customers in the Beech Moutain community of Drums, Luzerne County, PA remains in effect, as does the continued request for voluntary conservation.

For the first time in about a week, things are beginning to improve and Aqua is hopeful that it might be in the position to suspend the boil water advisory and the request for conservation on or about this Sunday. However, all customers should continue to comply with the boil water advisory that was issued on Jan. 16, 2018, until they are otherwise notified. 

Aqua advises customers to use boiled or bottled water for drinking, making ice, brushing teeth, washing dishes, and food perparation until further notice. Bring water to a boil, boil it for ONE minute and let it cool before use.

Subfreezing temperatures have wreaked havoc on the community since last weekend when the interior plumbing in several homes froze and broke, draining the system of water.

Aqua constructed a temporary emergency system of pumps and pipes to refill the tank storage. The system could not be tested for bacteria in time for its use the night of Jan. 16, so Aqua has issued a boil water advisory. 

Aqua crews had to go house-to-house throughout the 950-home community and look for external signs of an internal leak. As crews found broken plumbing, they  shut off the water service and moved on to the next house.

Aqua is asking for customers’ continued patience as they continue to work to restore normal service. Aqua is also asking customers who are away to have their homes checked and customers who know their neighbors are away, to reach out to those customers and ask them to have someone check their property throughout their absence.

Aqua Pennsylvania appreciates your patience and continued conservation until the situation is fully resolved.

Jan 10, 2018 : Notice for Aqua Pennsylvania customers in Oreland, Montgomery County
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Special Alert

Notice for Aqua Pennsylvania customers in Oreland, Montgomery County

Jan 10, 2018

Some Aqua Pennsylvania customers in Oreland, Montgomery County, PA might have received a notice from the Bucks County Water and Sewer Authority (BCWSA) about their drinking water. The notice was sent to Aqua drinking water customers by mistake. The notice does not apply to the drinking water in Oreland.

We want to make it clear that the public drinking water service in Oreland, PA is supplied by Aqua and not BCWSA. We want our customers in Oreland to know that the drinking water is safe and meets all applicable drinking water standards.

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Pennsylvania Service Territory

Chloramines are a commonly used disinfectant in drinking water. This is used in many water systems across the U.S., including some of Aqua Pennsylvania’s systems. You can learn more about chloramines here.

Please visit our Waterfacts.com site for information, test results and more relating to PFOA and PFOS.

Learn more about lead and drinking water: Lead Fact Sheet

Recent news articles have created interest in chromium, a naturally occurring metal found in the Earth's crust and in untreated water. It's important to note that all of Aqua's water is within the EPA's limits for this contaminant. Click here for facts about chromium and its impact on drinking water.

For any questions or concerns relating to customer service, please call 877.987.2782

Aqua Pennsylvania serves more than 1.4 million residents in 32 counties across the Keystone State.

Southeastern Division: Parts of Berks, Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery counties.

Roaring Creek/Susquehanna Division: Parts of Adams, Bradford, Columbia, Cumberland, Juniata, Northumberland, Schuylkill and Snyder counties.

Honesdale/White Haven Division: Parts of Carbon, Lackawanna, Lehigh, Luzerne, Monroe, Northampton, Pike, Schuylkill, Susquehanna, Wayne and Wyoming counties.

Shenango Division: Parts of Clarion, Clearfield, Crawford, Forest, Lawrence, Mckean, Mercer, Venango, and Warren counties.

Water Sources: Surface water from the Crum, Pickering, Brandywine, Perkiomen, Neshaminy, Ridley and Chester creeks, Schuylkill and Delaware rivers and the Upper Merion Quarry and the Shenango River in western Pennsylvania and groundwater from more than 100 deep wells.

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Vice President, Network (distribution)

Curt Steffy
Vice President, Production (plants)

Southeastern Pennsylvania

Mike Greim
Director of Chester County Operations

Mark Heavener
Director of Delaware County Operations

Rob MacNamara
Director of Montgomery and Bucks Operations

Northeastern, Northern, Central and Western Pennsylvania

Patrick Burke
Director of Operations

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Western Area Manager

Steve Clark
Northeastern Area Manager

Steve Draus
Central and Northern Area Manager

Business DevelopmentWater and Wastewater
Jonathan Gault, JGault@AquaAmerica.com, 610.645.1029

Tom Rafferty, TFRafferty@AquaAmerica.com, 610.645.1064


Helping HandWhat Is Helping Hand?

Helping Hand is Aqua Pennsylvania, Inc.’s low-income assistance program. The program is designed to enable low-income customers to make manageable monthly payments on their water account. Customers who make timely payments through Helping Hand receive a monthly credit to their accounts. The program also shows you how you can use less water with water conservation kits.

Am I eligible for Helping Hand?

Aqua uses the following requirements to determine if you’re eligible:

  • Household income is less than 200 percent of the federal poverty level
  • Account is more than 21 days past due
  • Customer has at least $110 in unpaid water bills

How do I sign up for Helping Hand?

If you think you might be eligible for Helping Hand, call 800.360.2998 or call the closest agency listed below. If you have any questions, please call Aqua at 877.987.2782.

If you’re eligible for Helping Hand, Aqua works with the referring agency to develop a good-faith payment plan for you.

In this plan, a customer would typically pay:

  • 10 percent of their total account balance up to $150
  • The reconnection fee if their service has been terminated
  • A fixed monthly payment of an “average” bill, plus $25

Helping Hand rewards timely payments with a credit to the account of each Helping Hand customer who makes their monthly payment on time.

Customers also receive a water conservation kit with information about how to detect and fix leaks and conserve water, plus repair parts. The kit includes:

  • Leak-detection tablets and tips on detecting and fixing leaks
  • Low-flow shower heads
  • Kitchen swivel aerators and more

How can I give others a Helping Hand?

If you don’t need a Helping Hand, you might want to help others who do. If so, please use this link to print and download the form and include the amount of your tax-deductible donation with your regular water bill payment. Your donation will go toward water bill credits for those less fortunate.

Helping Hand Agencies

Please contact the following agencies to learn how you can enroll in Helping Hand.

Delaware County
Community Action Agency of Delaware County
1414 Meetinghouse Road
Boothwyn, PA 19061

Montgomery County
Community Action Development Commission
113 East Main Street
Norristown, PA 19401

Northumberland County
Central Susquehanna Opportunities, Inc.
2 East Arch Street
Shamokin, PA 17872

All Other Pennsylvania Counties
Helping Hand Program
2491 Paxton Street
Harrisburg, PA 17111

Helping Hand Payments/Questions NRA Group, LLC
Business Office Division


Aqua Pennsylvania was founded as the Springfield Water Company on January 4, 1886, when a group of Swarthmore College professors received a charter to supply water to the residents of Springfield Township, Delaware County. They built a small pumping station and laid pipes to their homes. Initially, new customers were welcomed openly, but as the number of potential customers increased, so did the association’s operating responsibilities. It was then that the association made the decision to incorporate.

By 1925, the company had grown to meet the needs of 58 municipalities in three counties, and shareholders changed the name to Philadelphia Suburban Water Company.

In 1968, the water company board voted to create a holding company, Philadelphia Suburban Corporation (PSC). By July 1971, Aqua America, Aqua Pennsylvania’s parent company, was listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Growth slowed between 1985 and 1990, but then the company purchased three Chester County water systems. These acquisitions gave birth to the company’s “growth-through-acquisition” strategy, which began to accelerate at the end of 1992. Between 1992 and 1999, it purchased 29 water systems and three wastewater systems — a business it entered in 1996. The company also completed several other growth ventures, including main extensions to pick up additional customers, bulk water sales, and operating and management contracts. Together, these acquisitions added approximately 56,000 customers to the system.

In March 1999, Aqua America acquired Consumers Water Company and the utility’s operations in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, New Jersey and Maine, adding more than 225,000 customer connections in five states, including 41,000 in Pennsylvania.

January 1, 2002, Philadelphia Suburban Water Company merged into Pennsylvania Suburban Water Company. Two years later effective January 16, 2004, Pennsylvania Suburban Water Company changed its name to Aqua Pennsylvania, Inc. to reflect its statewide presence. The parent company name was changed from PSC to Aqua America, reflecting its national presence.

Aqua Pennsylvania continued to grow the company and by year-end 2015, provided water and wastewater service to more than 445,000 customers (approximately 1.4 million people) in 32 counties.